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What People Say

What People Say About Working With Sue Bates

What a revelation working with you was. Having you as a therapist really started me down the (way more positive and empowered) road I’m on now, and I’m so appreciative of it, still. I’m still using many of the tools you gave me, but now I’m often sharing them with my own clients, too. Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation, because wow. You made such an enormous difference in my life.


I really can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance in moving my life where I wanted to take it. It’s such a different kind of feeling to be my own boss and an owner of a company. Just feels exactly right.


“We love you. Our 2 year old son has even learned the phrase you taught us, ‘When in doubt be kind and loving.” When he gets a little rough or chases the dog, we always say, ‘Please be kind and loving.’ and he does it! So cute. You changed our lives Sue.”
– Laura

“Sue helped me realize that my behaviors and attitudes were preventing me from getting along with people and actually damaging my career. I have been wanting an intimate relationship and just couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. When we worked through the exercises, I realized I was getting in my own way of being successful in my work and in my relationships. I learned to deal with my own emotions and figure out what was bothering me and how I could change my behavior to have better results. It is totally achievable to have good relationships with people that not only make you happier but help you succeed in your career.”
– Shelly

I started seeing Sue Bates over a year ago for job related anxiety, problems with eating, relationship issues and help dealing with my mother’s terminal illness and death. I could immediately tell that Sue was different from all of the other therapists I had seen in the past. I realized that what I needed most was to be held accountable in order to truly grow into an adult. Sue was able to be tough when necessary and compassionate when it mattered most. Along with her guidance through exercises and suggested reading material, I have gained an entirely new understanding of what it means to be an adult and to have a healthy good life. My boyfriend even says that he feels like he is in a relationship with a completely different person! I feel that my treatment with Sue has been the best investment I have ever made. When I think about how full and happy my life is now, compared to how neurotic and anxious I was when I started seeing Sue, I wish I would have found her sooner.”
– Jessica

“Sue has an excellent style of helping you resolve conflict in your life. She is sensitive to your issues and listens to your problems intently. She encourages each individual to honestly examine his or her situation and formulate the best plan to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Sue has a gentle, understanding approach but truly gets to the heart of the issue and directs you through the process so you get the maximum out of each session. She commends progress and is supportive on every level, making working with her a positive experience. Sue Bates has helped me change my life. I have been able to individually begin resolving my issues with food and the binge cycle, and she has helped my partner and I develop and explore a deeper level of love, respect, communication, and companionship through couples work. I highly recommend Sue for anyone who wants to change their life and their direction.”
– Laura & Shawn

“Sue has been instrumental in my growth as a person. She’s helped me learn and guided me through, the tools necessary to cope with tough personal issues and everyday life. Most importantly, I feel confident that the things I’ve learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. With Sue, it’s not “one stop shopping.” It’s a process of lifelong learning and success. I’ll always think of Sue as an answered prayer when I most needed it.”
– Norma

“Common sense and kindness. By combining her healing voice, compassionate spirit and good head for common sense, Sue’s approach made it easy for me to understand my feelings of emptiness. Emptiness turned to excitement – you know, that light bulb moment when it all fits together?”
– Linda

“I had been in therapy for a number of years with quite a few different therapists before I began working with Sue. During those years, I constantly felt that I was making very little progress, if any at all towards my goal of being happy with who I am. Once I started working with Sue, my attitudes about life, myself, and my position in this world began to change immediately. I have found her very easy to open up to, and to trust, and she has shown a level of compassion that I had yet experienced with my previous therapists. She has helped me become very comfortable with who I am as a person, which has ultimately provided me with a self confidence I could never have imagined. Had I never had the opportunity to work with Sue, I truly believe I would not even be close to where I’m at in my life, which is happy, joyous and free.”
– Karen